Hot Shot is Coming!

Hot Shot Photo will be about EXTREMELY fun photo techniques like tilt-shift, HDR, fisheye, night-light-drawings, sphericals, zoom shots, and more. I’m working on this website as we speak. In the meantime, please check out our sister site – Visual Photo Guide for easy ways to take awesome photos!  The site features photography tips, techniques, tutorials, [...]

Adorable Dogs in Christmas Hats

You know what’s cute? Dogs. You know what else is cute? Christmas. Sometimes – and this happens rarely – 3 things come together in perfect harmony: cute dogs, Christmas hats, and good photographers.

About Hot Shot Photo

This is what this website is all about. My name is Markus Urban and I love photography. There’s something about a well-timed, well-framed, beautifully executed shot that has the ability to capture a viewer and jerk them momentarily out of their reality into a moment of stillness. A little about my background.